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Updated Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and MOSS SDK

Windows SharePoint Services SDK:

What’s New

  • Expanded documentation of backup and restore features   This release contains greatly expanded documentation of backup and restore features, including a new top-level node, "Backing Up and Restoring." The node includes twelve articles, including "Overview of Backing Up and Restoring Data in Windows SharePoint Services," and four new How To topics.
  • Complete documentation of Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Backup   Object model reference documentation in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Backup namespace is complete, and code samples are provided for all critical types and members.
  • New documentation of the administrative object model   A new section, "The Administrative Object Model of Windows SharePoint Services 3.0," contains six new articles, and the "Administration" section has a new, extended code sample.
  • Revised Web Part documentation   The section that provides conceptual documentation of Web Parts has been completely restructured, and two walkthrough topics have been significantly revised and rewritten.
  • More migration support   A new section, "Selective Content Migration," contains three articles to support selective migration strategies. Additionally, additions and revisions have been made to existing topics in the "Content Migration Overview" section, and a large number of API reference topics that support migration and deployment scenarios have been completed in the SharePoint.Deployment namespace.
  • Expanded and updated reference documentation   You can find enhanced documentation of types and members in the SharePoint.Workflow and SharePoint.WorkflowActions namespaces, the People Web service, and three ActiveX controls.

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