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Ultimate Microsoft AI Guide for Leadership at #HIMSS24

Enhancing Your HIMSS24 Experience with Our Comprehensive Guide of Copilot Prompts for Healthcare Executives

As the CEO and Chief of AI of a leading private firm dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations through generative AI solutions and as an Analyst Practitioner at Acceleration Economy, covering health technology and AI, my journey over the past six months has been nothing short of transformative.

Collaborating closely with seasoned professionals from Dartmouth Health, Microsoft, and the vibrant Boston healthcare community, we have meticulously crafted a treasure trove of C-suite training content, robust governance plans, and, most importantly, this indispensable guide on leveraging Microsoft Copilot for healthcare innovation.

Our goal for the guide is straightforward yet ambitious: to inspire healthcare administrators and executives with a comprehensive toolkit of Microsoft Copilot prompts. This pocket guide is designed to underscore the pivotal role of AI in optimizing healthcare administration. It’s important to note that any information or advice from an AI prompt should be treated as research, and all statements should be verified.

Stay tuned for the release! You can get our exclusive prompt guide here.


Wheelhouse AI CoE™️ Governance, Training, and AI Safety. Getting the Most Out of AI.

I’ve spoken to many, many healthcare executives, leaders, board members, and trustees over the past year, and one very clear thing is the need for hospitals and hospital systems to “get out in front of” modern AI. Regardless of your roadmap and plans for generative AI, at a minimum, leadership should be trained, acceptable use should be defined, and AI safety incident response deployed. We developed Wheelhouse AI CoE™ with leadership in hospitals and health systems to address these concerns.

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Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Copilot

Recognizing the transformative impact of Microsoft Copilot, our team is dedicated to assisting healthcare leaders in adopting this powerful tool within their organizations. We understand that deploying new technologies into existing workstreams can be daunting. Hence, we offer personalized support tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

Our team of experts in AI and healthcare technology is poised to guide you through deploying Microsoft Copilot into your healthcare operations. Whether you are attending the HIMSS24 Conference or looking to enhance your organizational capabilities beyond the event, our support extends to ensuring you harness the full potential of Microsoft Copilot.

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Optimizing Hospital Administration with Physician Services with our new Physician Experience Copilot™


Physician Experience Copilot™


As pioneers in integrating third-party AI chat Copilots within the healthcare sector, our mission has been crystal clear from the start: to save babies and improve global health outcomes. The Physician Experience Copilot™ is a testament to our commitment. Built on OpenAI and Microsoft’s semantic kernel and compatible with both M365 Copilot and Microsoft Graph or able to operate agnostically with the cloud provider of choice, this tool is redefining the landscape of healthcare administration.

The Physician Experience Copilot™ is not just an addition to the technological toolkit of healthcare professionals; it is a paradigm shift. By safeguarding clinical time and enhancing the efficiency of physician services through seamless integration with major ERP and EHR platforms, it stands as an indispensable asset for any healthcare organization striving for excellence in patient care and operational effectiveness.

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Preparing for HIMSS24

Planning is key to maximizing your HIMSS24 experience. Register early, book your accommodation, and familiarize yourself with the conference layout to ensure you don’t miss out on any sessions or exhibits that interest you. Check out the # HIMSS24-specific prompts in our Copilot guide.

The HIMSS24 Conference is more than an event; it catalyzes innovation and collaboration in the healthcare industry. By leveraging tools like the Physician Experience Copilot™ and Microsoft Copilot, attendees can gain invaluable insights and enhance their operational capabilities. Join us at HIMSS24 to be part of shaping the future of healthcare.

More details for HIMSS24: Leading Healthcare Innovation, Education, Collaboration at the 2024 HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition | HIMSS


How to Contact Us

For inquiries about our products and services, including assistance with Microsoft Copilot and the Physician Experience Copilot™, schedule a call or a demo at our Calendly.

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