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Top 10 Links for Learning about Microsoft Tools and Software Supporting Big Data–Updated

hadoopSince the concepts of Big Data are fundamentally different than classic Relational Database Management Systems I suggest we start by learning the basics and history of Big Data and Hadoop using the first few links I provide from Cloudera. An advantage to this approach  is these videos explain the concepts without using a vendor specific approach allowing for a non-biased view of the concepts. Many of the links address Microsoft’s implementation and extensions of the Apache projects. The additional links section contains additional useful information including information on the role SharePoint plays in disseminating and visualizing Big Data.

As the Big Data topic is trending with each passing day and Microsoft is releasing new links and tools I’ll try to keep the list updated. Please email me with suggestions of additional links and blog sites to add. I’ll be providing follow up posts on topics focused on how you can use SharePoint and Excel to disseminate and visualize data patterns surficed from HDInsight.

1) What is Hadoop? – Cloudera’s CEO talks us through big data trends

2) Thinking at Scale – Great video which explains the challenges of data scale.

3) Introduction to Apache MapReduce and HDFS – Learn how Hadoop works, understand how these components fit together and build on one another to provide a scalable and powerful system.

4) Microsoft’s messaging – Manage data of any type or size

5) Hortonworks Blog – Hortonworks is a Microsoft Partner focused on helping people understand and use Apache Hadoop on Microsoft Windows.

6) SQL Server Big Data – HDInsight Microsoft’s 100% Apache compatible Hadoop distribution for Windows Server

7) Windows Azure HDInsight Preview – This preview of Windows Azure HDInsight enables you to get up and running with your own Apache Hadoop™ cluster in the cloud in just minutes. New blog post with step by step instructions.

8) Hortonworks Hadoop Tutorials – Map Reduce, PIG and HIVE tutorials for Hadoop Azure, there are great samples in C# and Java

9) Matt Winkler’s Blog – Project Manager on the Hadoop team at Microsoft

10)  Microsoft Business Intelligence Blogs

Additional Links:

Microsoft “Data Explorer” Preview for Excel provides an intuitive user interface for data discovery, data transformation and enrichment.

Customers Rapidly Adopting Big Data Solutions — Driven By Marketing, Sales and More — Reports New Microsoft Research

Microsoft Big Data Solution Sheet

SharePoint and Big Data

Top Microsoft Big Data Videos on YouTube

Top Big Data and SharePoint Videos on YouTube

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