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The latest Feature and Highlights “leak” regarding SharePoint 2010 – More than “They changed the name”

There will be many new features, more then 2007. Some of the new ones include.

  • Users will be able to create, edit and collaborate on Office documents through a browser using Office Web Applications.
  • It would help the IT Professionals in choosing either to deploy or manage on-premises or hosted as a service.
  • This version of SharePoint would include Open API’s for the developers for industry standards
  • This version of SharePoint would also provide developer tool support with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.
  • IT professionals will be benefiting from a new delivery and new licensing models as well as from improved management options.
  • These products will be able to provide a familiar interface across PCs, mobile phones and browsers to make it easier for them to create, communicate and collaborate from any location.
  • This will also help the developers to reduce their development cycles and improve application interoperability.
  • The server software will be 64 bit only.
  • In this version SharePoint Lists will be having SQL table like behavior.
  • This version will be having Silverlight webparts instead of Asp.Net Webparts.
  • Backup/Restore/Rollback and Snapshot backups with virtual load balancing.
  • InfoPath style web-based editor will be included in the new version of SharePoint.
  • Users will be able to customize the master page in a better way.
  • Groove and SharePoint will be fully integrated.
  • New enhancements in the Excel Services.
  • The User interface will be more customizable using DIVs rather than using table-driver design.
  • A web standards complaint user interface.

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