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Sharing The Point Colombia

Formación gratis en SharePoint realizada por un grupo de los mejores expositores de SharePoint de diversos países.


Sharing the Point  Sur América 2013 es una iniciativa conducida por las comunidades de SharePoint diseñada para ayudar a educar a usuarios sobre el potencial de la plataforma de SharePoint. El grupo formado por algunos de los mejores evangelistas y expertos de SharePoint estarán en esta gira que presentara los usos y mejores prácticas de SharePoint en el mundo real.

Esta formación es gratuita y subvencionada personalmente, con el objetivo de ayudar al crecimiento de las comunidades de SharePoint en Latinoamérica así como proporcionar oportunidades de obtener nuevos conocimientos a los asistentes.

Fechas de Gira

STP Georgetown, Guyana             3 de Setiembre, 9:00 am
STP Caracas, Venezuela                 9 de Setiembre, 9:00 am
STP Bogotá, Columbia                    10  de Setiembre, 9:00 am
STP Quito, Ecuador                          11  de Setiembre, 9:00 am


Sharing the Point Tour South America is a series of events with presentations by many of the world’s most well known SharePoint Evangelists: Joel Oleson, Michael Noel, Eric Harlan, Paul Swider, Ricardo Munoz. (Not all speakers may be able to make all events) The purpose of the tour is to bring SharePoint to places that wouldn’t normally be on the travel circuit for SharePoint Conferences. Sessions will be in English. Translation may be provided in Spanish.

Tour Dates

STP Georgetown, Guyana             9:00am on Tuesday, 3 September
STP Caracas, Venezuela                 9:00am on Monday, 9 September
STP Bogota, Columbia                    9:00am on Tuesday, 10 September
STP Quito, Ecuador                          9:00am on Wednesday, 11 September

Why Come Here?

All of these speakers have spoken all over the globe at all of the major cities of the world.  We want to give back.  You’re familiar with Doctors without borders.  We aren’t doctors.  We are a bunch of SharePoint Speakers that want to help out and connect with people in places that are under served and rarely get any training.

We offer this *free* training with the help of sponsors as well as personal time and money to subsidize the training to help grow the SharePoint community and help provide opportunities to grow our fellow IT friends.  We LOVE connecting with people who have never had the opportunity to hear a SharePoint speaker.  It litterally changes lives as people connect with the global community and become part of the personal and business growth opportunities sweeping the world.

We are happy to say we have launched communities in Kenya, Philippeans, Vietnam, Uraguay, and have spoken at User Groups and SharePoint Events in Johannesburg, Capetown, South Africa, China, Santiago, and Buenos Aires.  Our joy is in seeing individuals grow and businesses bring and share local success to their communities. 

We are looking forward to meeting you! 

Esperamos ansiosamente el conocerlos nos vemos en Setiembre

Atte. El equipo de Sharing the Point.


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