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SharePoint 2010 RBS Considerations

Andrew Connell started a great thread about his concerns administrators might adopt SharePoint and a Remote Blob Storage (RBS) strategy without considering implications. He mentions a valid concern and there are some great follow-up comments. (See link below)

The snippet from TechNet below outlines consideration for using RBS. The majority of SharePoint implementations will never approach the performance and cost limits to justify RBS. You might also submit the decision should only be considered where SharePoint is used for ECM. It’s my understanding that one reason for RBS is to help administrators with a monetary cost concern for massive storage requirements in very large repositories.

TechNet- “By default, Microsoft SQL Server stores BLOB data in its databases. As a database’s usage increases, the total size of its BLOB data can expand quickly and grow larger than the total size of the document metadata and other structured data that is stored in the database. This activity consumes large amounts of file space and uses server resources that are actually optimized for database access patterns.”

Overview of Remote Blob Storage on TechNet

Andrew Connell Blog Post About RBS


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