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Microsoft Graph vs Facebook Graph

April 11, 2019 By Paul Swider

Developers from Google and then hired by Facebook introduced the concept of a social graph to connect users and services using semantic search at a Facebook conference in 2007.

The Facebook Open Ggraph API went public in 2013. Unfortunately connecting users through friends of friends caused many privacy concerns and Facebook eliminated Graph shortly after it was introduced. This caused many issues for Windows Phone and other applications which consumed the Graph data from Facebook. Think updates from friends and so on.

The concept of a Graph for the enterprise is extremely powerful and will enable developers to create next generation machine learning and powerful search applications based on semantic data and intent. One great e

Microsoft Graph

Source: Microsoft Graph Turns Office into New Collaboration Resource – Fortune

Early Facebook Graph

Source: Facebook Graph Search – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Internet and People Graph

internet grraph

Source: Social graph – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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