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Last Call for Speakers at Microsoft Insider Dev – Boston


Dear Microsoft technology enthusiasts,

Please spread the word! Submissions need to be in very soon!


Please help to drive awareness and recruit speakers and volunteers for the 2019 version of on June 27, 2019, in Boston (Burlington), MA

We are planning the local Insider Dev Tour in Boston (Burlington), MA for Thursday, June 27, 2019.

The event ( is a “mini version” of Microsoft’s BUILD conference ( focusing on “M365” technologies (Windows, Office, …).

It is a one day, high-energy event, distilling and condensing what was new at BUILD for local audiences.

With a one hour keynote and talk lengths of 25 minutes, the content is on-topic and focused.

A few important facts:

· Audience is anybody interested in software development trends and technologies on the Microsoft platform (focus on Windows and Office 365)

· It’s a day long free event

· Time approximately 8:00 am-5:30 pm, with the intention to do talks from 9:00 am-5:15 pm

· Event is initiated by Microsoft, but run by community volunteers worldwide

· Hosted at Microsoft’s MTC, Burlington, MA

· Quality content provided by Microsoft Corp

· Delivered by a mixture of local speakers and some Microsoft speakers

· Event will be lightly branded (in the style of the website)

· No external sponsors or external branding, which reduces potential conflict of interest

· Catered Food / Beverages

· A Code of Conduct exists and will be enforced

· Registration will start in early May

· There might be an event in another city, that might benefit from your help, keep watching

(For NYC, NY, 6/29 or Jacksonville, FL, 6/25 reach out to

You can help in various ways:

1) Help to recruit potential speaker candidates in your network, company, or in local communities and at events. This is very time sensitive

2) Help to recruit volunteers for registration, day of event logistics

3) Help to spread awareness in your communities and networks for attendance (starting in early May when the registration pages go up at )

About speaking at the event:

· Attached find an Excel list of sessions and abstracts that we want to cover, a few of them we MUST cover

· Speakers please send us an email with the session numbers you believe you can cover, the level of comfort with the material, and your order of preference. If possible please indicate if you believe you can cover more than one session.

· Speaker candidates will have to provide
– Speaker first name

– Speaker last name
– a short biography (2 – 4 sentences)
– photograph (.jpg) – 400×400 resolution or direct link to download such picture
– Twitter handle if applicable  (@)
– other social links if applicable
… and permission to the event organizers and Microsoft to publish this, or contact us about information what we cannot publish

· If we get enough speakers and space, we aim at trying to do two tracks in parallel in the afternoon

· The session content will be provided by Microsoft: PowerPoint, Demos, Demo scripts and will be available in late May.

· Speakers must commit to practice, including to strictly stay within the time limits

· Great opportunity for new speakers to get their first “speaking wings” as the content will be prepared and provided

· Students or young professionals are encouraged to reach out

· Inexperienced speakers are welcome to speak and will benefit from doing example practice deliveries (video/Skype) – at least one being required

· We specifically welcome speakers from communities who are less represented speaking at technology events and are committed to help those to succeed

· It is possible that a specific session does not happen because of us not being able to have two parallel tracks; or not getting enough speakers to support two full tracks

· Rehearsal dinner tentative for June 26

We can entertain a limited amount community content proposals, both technology or “soft skills” types of talks.
The requirement is that all content that is not from Microsoft needs to be reviewed and approved by Microsoft Corp two weeks before the event.

If you have any questions, we will do our best to get them answered.

Please contact: and

With kind regards,

Andreas and Paul

Area Duration Title Note
General 1:00 Keynote Required
0:25 Developing with the New Edge Browser Required
0:25 Myth busting PWAs: The New Edge Edition
0:25 The Future is Now with ASP.NET Core 3.0
0:25 Productive Web Development with NodeJS and Microsoft Developer Tools
0:25 Introduction to Microsoft Graph Services Required
0:25 Connect your Desktop Apps with the Microsoft Graph
0:25 Use your Web Skills and the Microsoft Graph to build Add-ins for Microsoft Teams Recommended
0:25 Create Powerful User Interfaces with the Latest Windows APIs and Open Source Libraries UWP
0:25 Future-proof your Desktop Apps with .NET Core
0:25 Build Embedded and IoT Solutions with Microsoft Windows IoT Core
0:25 Leverage the power of Machine Learning on Windows
0:25 What’s New and Coming in the Command Line and WSL
0:25 (Insider / Beginner session) (Title coming soon)
0:25 (Local or community Talk)

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