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Join Paul Swider at aMP Salem: Leveraging Microsoft Founders Hub for Startups and Healthcare Innovation

We are excited to share that Paul Swider, the Founder and CEO of RealActivity, is set to embark on an inspiring conference tour this Summer and Autumn. His journey will take him across Salem, India; Seoul, South Korea; NYC; various locations in the US; Manila PH; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and more.

Paul’s sessions will delve into the innovative work we have been doing at RealActivity, particularly our advancements with the Physician Experience Copilot, supported by Microsoft for startups and Semantic Kernel.

Featured Session at aMP Salem, India:

“Leveraging Microsoft Founders Hub for Startups”

Paul will share his insights on how RealActivity has utilized Microsoft  Startups and the Founders Hub to achieve significant success. This session will cover practical strategies for maximizing resources such as Azure credits, Microsoft 365, GitHub Enterprise, and expert mentorship. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how these tools have driven our growth and compliance in the healthcare sector.

Paul’s presentation will be tied to our ongoing achieve ments in healthcare innovation. The Physician Experience Copilot™ is a testament to our commitment to transforming healthcare operations. This session will offer attendees practical insights and strategies for leveraging AI and .NET capabilities in their own organizations.

We look forward to seeing you at aMP Salem, India, and sharing our exciting journey.

To register for the event, visit: Registration for aMP day Salem 27th August 2024 (

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