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Johns Hopkins researchers poke a hole in Apple’s encryption

April 11, 2019 By Paul Swider

The tech company said a fix for its iMessage flaw will be available on Monday.

Apple should be open regarding ALL the potential security flaws in the OS. There is a common misconception that our personal data on our cell phone is private. This simply is not true, privacy requires vigilance.

I am excited about the recent refocus on the complex computer science behind security. Today there is a global matrix of digital information extended to all of us who own Smartphones and we need to be sure we take the additional steps required to encrypt and secure our data wherever it resides.

On a separate note my Nokia 950 Windows 10 Phone started randomly rebooting and in some cases simply not booting and in others flashing odd pixilated colors on the screen. After research I learned there are serious issues which require both a firmware and an OS update to repair.

Source: Johns Hopkins researchers poke a hole in Apple’s encryption – The Washington Post

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