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Is a Mango Better Than an Apple? Windows Mobile Team Thinks So

April 11, 2019 By Paul Swider

Recently a friend posted a few raves regarding the new Windows Mobile update, Mango. In reply I pointed out the only people I know who have switched to Windows Mobile 7 are people who work with/for/partnered with Microsoft. I have heard some good feedback from these folks however I expect it. I personally didn’t see a reason to switch to the current phone after multiple demos from friends. I am hoping that the new upgrade in the Fall changes my opinion.

The new videos posted on YouTube, showcasing the new Mango features look very compelling. After watching the video demonstration I feel like my IPhone is a bit antiquated. The early video release and use of social media is exciting to witness. This is a change from previous marketing strategies. The effort is respectable and very welcomed. It’s been a rough week for MS, the stock price is back at $24 and for the first time in 15 years Microsoft has fallen behind IBM in market capitalization.

The difficultly will be for Microsoft to gain momentum and achieve a tipping point in the marketplace. Even with a better phone this will be a challenge for the Microsoft of recent. We all know the best technology often is not the successful technology. Remember the browser wars and the fight for dominance in the network space? During that time Microsoft was very aggressive and won market share crushing competitors even though they didn’t necessarily have the better technology.

Anyone involved with the SharePoint community understands the power of social mechanics and community. It appears as if the Windows Mobile team might be recognizing this as well. I do hope they achieve the much needed excitement and marketplace for the mobile platform and applications. I will enjoy participating in the effort as, or if it evolves.

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