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Introducing RealActivity’s Copilot Prompt Engineering Suite™ for Healthcare

At RealActivity, we’re dedicated to transforming healthcare with cutting-edge AI solutions. Our newest offering, the Copilot Prompt Engineering Suite™ for Healthcare Organizations, is designed to elevate your operational efficiency and streamline decision-making processes.

Empowering Healthcare Leadership

Healthcare leaders, face tremendous pressure to optimize operations and drive innovation with AI. Over the past 18 months our team collaborated with Dartmouth Health, Microsoft, and the Boston healthcare community to develop prompt engineering training specifically for healthcare leaders and administration.

Comprehensive Copilot Prompt Engineering Suite™

In this guide, you’ll discover how to leverage Microsoft Copilot to:

→ Enhance operational efficiency with AI-infused workflows
→ Streamline decision-making for Chief Medical Officers and Directors
→ Foster innovation in finance and revenue cycle management

Who Can Benefit

Our customized prompt engineering guides are tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations seeking to train leadership and members on optimizing Microsoft Copilot for Healthcare Operations and Administration.

📌 Get our Product Sheet: Copilot Prompt Engineering Suite™

About RealActivity

RealActivity is leading the charge in AI innovation for healthcare. Our solutions, including the Provider Experience Copilot™ and Wheelhouse AI CoE™, are revolutionizing the industry. From our Boston headquarters, we provide strategic advisory services and embrace a hybrid workplace model to foster innovation in AI and healthcare analytics.

Connect with us at to learn more about how our Copilot Prompt Engineering Suite™ can transform your healthcare operations.



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