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Inspire! Teach! Awe!

My new theme for this fall is; Inspire! Teach! Awe!

give back  The remainder of 2013 I’ll be traveling 80 days and visiting 14 countries to inspire, teach, and awe. As part of the tour, I’ll be speaking at six major conferences around the globe in addition to smaller community events. My discussions will focus on new cloud-based technology and development skills that can be used regardless of geographical location.

I’ll be demonstrating my latest technology setup, which allows me to work and run a business from anywhere in the world using Windows Azure, Office 365, and CloudShare. Along the way I’ll be giving away signed copies of my most recent SharePoint book.

In between trips I’ll be working with our new healthcare consulting company and healthcare clients and do hope to awe with our new release based on SharePoint 2013 coming out over the next weeks.

My first stop will be in South America, so take a moment to visit the STP site and register for events if you’re in the area.

Expect photos and lots of adventure along the way!



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