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Health AI Partnership Accelerates Healthcare Evolution

The practical use of AI and machine learning are too often just buzzwords and cool phrases that catch the eye or ear but don’t really resonate. But there are organizations that are acting and using AI to deliver real-world outcomes.

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01:58 – There has been an increasing amount of AI adoption within the healthcare industry.

03:35 – The group is aiming to help with the procurement of solutions. They want to prevent an inbound salesperson from being able to influence critical decisions on an ML or AI model that could have a great impact on the organization.

05:53 – In 2022, their first goal is to use this education process to help with the procurement process.

06:41 – Later in 2022, their second goal involves centralizing the models for triage—using machine learning to make urgent decisions.

07:35 – Having a documented process of the best method to build, test, and deploy these models opens a greater possibility to eliminating bias.

08:17 – Companies that work with labs, medical devices, and drugs have much in common with the FDA—including the way that they’re regulated and have strong management control processes in place.

10:12 — There’s a reason that controls are put in place. By streamlining processes and decentralizing the high concentration of technology and regulatory expertise, data won’t be as scattered.

Watch the full Video here – Health AI Partnership Accelerates Healthcare Evolution

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