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Global Health at the Vermont Investors Summit


While attending the Vermont Investors Summit this evening I learned about two upcoming VT companies focused on healthcare and global health. Out of the two I interviewed I was most impressed with OhMD, think WhatsApp for clinical use including HIPAA compliance. The company is demonstrating great growth with almost 5000 providers today.


The second company THINKMD essentially provides electronic triage and clinical recommendations for children in developing countries. The companies roadmap shows a path toward emergency response and Machine Learning in a disconnected state. It appears like they are doing some great work with a few NGO’s however this is a difficult space to be in if your not willing to put boots on the ground. When I asked about how the platform might be utilized on my home island, Puerto Rico during the current disconnected state the company spokesperson stated they would have to work with an implementer in PR. Friends in Puerto Rico, there may be an opportunity to help expedite THINKMD into the emergency response market while helping people on the island.


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