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Discover the Next Frontier of Generative AI at aMS Events Across Southeast Asia

Greetings to our ever-curious community,

The Fall season brings with it more than just a change in the weather; it heralds a series of knowledge-packed events that promise to shed light on the future of Microsoft Technologies. We’re thrilled to announce that not only will our team be present at the upcoming aMS events in Southeast Asia, but our very own Chief AI Officer will also be a distinguished speaker!

About aMS

For the uninitiated, aMS (Azure, Microsoft 365, SharePoint) is an international community that aims to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among professionals working on Microsoft’s collaboration platforms. It’s an independent, non-profit organization that has been organizing worldwide events covering multiple facets of Microsoft Technologies.

Mark Your Calendars for These Events

aMS Kuala Lumpur: October 19, 2023
aMS Singapore: October 21, 2023
aMS Manila: October 24, 2023

You can meet experts, ask questions, and gain deeper insights into the future of Azure, Microsoft 365, and SharePoint. But that’s not all we have in store for you!

Spotlight: Our CPO’s Session on Generative AI

We’re particularly excited to announce a special session that our CPO will be conducting: “Journey into Generative AI, Building Your Own AI Copilot.”

Session Details

This session is crafted to be beginner-friendly, and aimed at those interested in Generative AI, from newcomers to experienced GAI developers.

Agenda for Executive Workshop

Beyond the AI Hype – Pragmatic Advise for GAI to leaders

– Why Should Leadership Care About Generative AI?

– Exploring the Strategic Benefits and Competitive Advantages

– Real-world use cases and early adopter stories

Educating Leadership and the Board

– How to Effectively Communicate the Significance of AI to your organization

– Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Navigating Technical Jargon

– Addressing governance and change concerns

Use Cases for Copilots and Private LLM in Healthcare

– Leveraging Generative AI for Healthcare Transformation

– Examining Practical Applications and Impact

– Identifying Opportunities and Risks

Implementing using Microsoft CoPilot Stack

– Harnessing the Power of Microsoft Copilot for AI Initiatives

– Strategies for Successful Integration

– What do you need and how much it costs

– Ensuring Security and Compliance

Interactive Demo and Q&A

– Addressing Concerns and Queries, e.g., security & governance

– Sharing Insights and Best Practices, e.g., interoperability with LOB, lang-chain

– Considering other AI technology, Hugging face, vector database and embeddings

Next Steps and Actionable Takeaways

– Defining Your Own Path Forward

– How to leverage Microsoft’s Generative AI for your Strategic Goals

– Building a Foundation for Success – AI culture checklist


Real-world Application

We are thrilled to share how we deployed a private version of ChatGPT for a local hospital, providing you with real-world insights into decision-making and deployment processes.

This session promises to be both illuminating and actionable, turning your curiosity into tangible knowledge and understanding.

Why You Should Attend

Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a decision-maker in your organization, or someone stepping into the realm of Azure, Microsoft 365, and SharePoint, these events offer a holistic view. With our CPO’s session, you will not only receive in-depth insights into the applications and practicalities of Generative AI but also get an exclusive peek into actual development environments.

Don’t Miss Out!

We highly recommend securing your seat as soon as possible, given the buzz these events are generating. To register, please visit the official aMS website.

As always, thank you for being a part of our community. We can’t wait to meet you in Southeast Asia this October!

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