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Fix Performance Issues Running SharePoint 2010 using VMWare Hosted on Windows 7

April 11, 2019 By Paul Swider

Are you experiencing poor performance? Does your virtual machine feels sluggish.

Try this: (especially if virtual drives are located on external USB drives)

Disable Superfetch and Remote Differential Compression.

Superfetch can be disabled by;
Going to start > right clicking Computer > Click Manage > Choose Services and Applications > Services
Find "Superfetch" in the list, and right click > Properties > Change "Startup Type" to "Disabled"
Then Hit "Stop" then "Apply"

Remote Differential Compression can be disabled by:
Going to Start: Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Programs and Features > "Turn Windows Features on or Off"
Uncheck Remote Differential Compression and Click OK.
Restart the computer after these changes.

When I made this change I noticed an immediate boost in performance.

I was so excited I took the next step and added a second virtual hard drive on a second physical drive and moved my swap file for Windows Server to the new location.

Drive configuration: (ThinkPad w700 with two 7200RPM internal drives)

Internal Drive 1: Windows 7 Host

USB Drive: VMWare Primary partition running Windows Server 2008 R2 and SharePoint 2010

Internal Drive 2: Second VMWare drive for Windows Server R2 Swap file.

Superfetch fix is courtesy of Stev

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