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European SharePoint Conference

This week I traveled to Copenhagen to speak at the largest SharePoint conference in Europe hosted in Copenhagen.  I’ll be presenting a session on the social architecture of SharePoint from a developers perspective and another which will show business people how to use Office 365 to build a business structure. Using this post I’ll highlight the events of the week.

Day 1: Arrived in Copenhagen at 7AM on a red eye flight from the US. After a brief nap and shower I registered as a speaker and immediately started seeing friends and colleagues as well as masses of attendees. Before I knew it I was at lunch and then found time to sit in an afternoon session Joel Oleson presented about mobile technology and SharePoint. Joel’s session was packed and the content was well delivered and informative. It is clear we can benefit from this technology as we continue to extend our RealActivity platform to mobile devices.


Joel Oleson presenting on mobile technology

avepoint party

AvePoint Masquerade Party at Zen

Of course AvePoint hosted another fabulous dance party and selected the top night club in Copenhagen to host the event!

Day 2: Since it was important to keep up with business on the East Coast, US I was awake and online until 5AM and slept until 1PM! (7AM EST)

I have the luxury of participating in a few sessions while taking breaks to keep up with email and clients at home. A session which interested me the most today was Matt Berg’s presentation on using search with Office 365. The session highlighted techniques for finding data in cloud hosted deployments. Microsoft has come a long way with the Office 364 offering. Our internal business infrastructure at RealActivity was architected using Office 365 allowing us to support remote teams with maximum functionality.


Chatting with friends after day one.

Day 3: I presented both of my sessions today, the first was an advanced developer presentation about the social architecture of SharePoint. The second session was a business topic, in the main auditorium I spoke about how to use Office 365 to build a business structure. Both sessions went very well and attendees seemed to enjoy the topics.

Day 4: Friday was a day for travel back home. I enjoyed the morning having an breakfast in Copenhagen followed by a wlak of the city before heading back to the airport to catch a nine hour flight to Chicago. Apparently there is a large winter snow storn impacting the North East of the US. I’m happy I took the Chicago flight option when I booked the travel!


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