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Error Handling in SharePoint Workflow’s Created with Visual Studio

April 11, 2019 By Paul Swider

I am working with one of the  largest Insurance companies who will be processing thousands of workflow’s to approve reports stored in report libraries.

Earlier we created a Visual Studio workflow which reads metadata from the report libraries to determine where to publish reports once submitted and approved.

The focus now is on error handling and logging.

One key point to note is that using the workflow designer in Visual Studio you can enable fault handling.

Read this MSDN article to learn about fault handling.

David Mann’s post adds much value to the MSDN information.

In addition the are other links I found useful during the process. In particular I liked Robin’s post below regarding writing to the event logs.

Another option is to write to the SharePoint logs under the infamous “12 hive” using the unified logging service

I’ll post an update with the pros and cons of each approach at a later date.

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