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Sneak Peek of SharePoint 2010 Available

Microsoft is offering is a sneak peek at SharePoint Server 2010, a collection of feature descriptions and videos made available via this link. You can access a SharePoint Server 2010 Sneak Peek FAQ, an overview of the product, etc.

Microsoft Higher Ed Consortium

At the SPtech conference in Boston we helped IT professionals from schools in New England understand how higher learning institutions were using SharePoint. There was a shared interest in deploying SharePoint for student portals and Social networking. As a follow-up…

SharePoint director remains bloodied but unbowed

While my peers and I gathered, shared and socialized at SPTech Conference in Boston this week the Enterprise 2.0 conference was in session across town. Ron Miller posted an interesting interview with a SharePoint director which offers an unbiased view…

2009 SharePoint College Summer Tour

This week marked the start of my 2009 SharePoint College Summer Tour. All Summer I’ll be visiting, consulting and training with administrators and IT professionals at universities and colleges across the country. Along the way we’ll even host a few…