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Will the real architects please stand up?

Microsoft recently announced the new SharePoint Masters Certification. I think the cert is a great idea. I have been working with Search since the first version of IIS and remember deploying a Site Server, Digital Dashboards, Team Sites, Portal 2003…

Microsoft announces Windows 7

A new version of Windows in 2009, Office 14 on the way, A new version of SharePoint with tagging and Groove integration. This next year will be a GREAT one for Microsoft. Windows 7 announcement

Social Networking Software and SharePoint

This week I am working with a client in the medical device industry. Here there is a clear need for knowledge management among the engineers and other groups. We are exploring using the Wiki and Blog sites in MOSS.The out…

SharePoint, Silo’s and the Platform

Gartner commented… ‘uncontrolled growth of Sharepoint content may result in compliance, storage and user issues’. It’s not going away: the challenge is in how to embrace and extend the core functionality to allow flexibility and therefore utility in modern enterprises….

Stsadm preupgradecheck

the Stsadm preupgradecheck in SharePoint SP2 is GREAT! We can test sites now and prepare for SharePoint 2010. KUDOS! Someone is thinking ahead! Link to KB article regarding SharePoint SP2