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A Unique Opportunity – Microsoft PAL-Tech 2010

I am proud to be participating in the upcoming Pal-Tech conference. Pal-Tech 2010 is a technology camp where professional, software developers gather to learn and collaborate with international speakers and experts in the Microsoft development technologies. The event will be two days and followed by the local Imagine cup team meetings. Amidst all the great sessions during the event, a new SharePoint user group will be launched in the region.

Place: The Palestinian Territory / West Bank.

Timeline: 2nd May- 4th May 2010:

Sunday 2/5/2010- Grand Park, Ramallah

Monday 3/5/2010- AAUJ, Jenin


  • Educate over 200 IT professionals and developers in Palestine
  • Educate over 250 student developers in Palestine
  • Help cultivate the development community in Palestine
  • Increase the awareness of the development profession to Palestinians
  • Increase the awareness of the development community in Palestine to the world

Thank you to all of the people in Ramallah who are making this event happen, including USAID for sponsoring my trip. Kudos's to Michael Noel for arranging participation from the SharePoint community.


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