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A Call to Action for SharePoint Consultants

RIGHT NOW is an electrifying time to be a SharePoint professional. With the SharePoint 2010 beta so close to being released and the 2009 SharePoint conference nearing you can almost feel the energy as many professionals are positioning themselves and their companies for this significant release.

SharePoint has become the fastest selling Microsoft server product in the history of the company, Microsoft has sold over a million licenses to date. The software can be described as a contemporary computing platform which introduces new entities. Unlike the traditional ERP solution entities can include content, people, communities, wiki, blogs and business data.

new sharepoint pillars

The state of our global economy and the powerful software being deployed worldwide by SharePoint professionals make this an amazing time to be in the technology industry. Each day there are professionals, business owners and politicians working together on a global scale to turn around the decline in economies and business. I submit it is our responsibility as SharePoint professionals to seize this moment and work diligently with these organizations to streamline process and facilitate innovation.

One could propose that every SharePoint deployment, workflow, webpart and document library could be considered a small step in helping organizations worldwide meet their potential. Often times this effort might go unnoticed but the sum of all the hard work from the SharePoint community combined with the powerful software provided by the product teams at Microsoft will be immeasurable.

Over the next months it will take a massive effort to understand the new capabilities of SharePoint 2010 and how those capabilities can be mapped to organizational processes. A few consultants and bloggers have suggested that in 2010, 65% of existing SharePoint clients may migrate to the new version of SharePoint. While I consider this number is exaggerated I do believe there is a momentous task in front of us. To put this migration in prospective if 35% of users migrate in 2010 it could mean a massive worldwide migration of over 35 million users.


Get an early start in understanding the new features of SharePoint 2010 during the 2009 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas.

I am committed to eliminating my own mediocrity and striving to work relentlessly for clients while assisting the SharePoint community to be its best. I do believe this could be an exciting time filled with many opportunities for information technology consultants to help organizations around the world prosper in this historic time in which we live in.

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