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5 Critical Security Tips For the Healthcare C-Suite

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It never has been more important to foster a culture of cybersecurity for maintaining security across an entire healthcare organization.

With all the risks of catastrophic cyberattacks, internal threats, or even negligence, C-suite executives are responsible for creating a culture of security. However, there are many disconnects between executives and the reality of security in healthcare systems.

Here are the five of the most important cybersecurity tips for the C-suite in healthcare:

1. Zero-Trust Email
2. Supply Chain Risk Management
3. Manage Insider Threats
4. Password Hygiene
5. Avoid the Ransomware Epidemic

As mentioned in the introduction, there has been an epidemic of ransomware specifically targeting healthcare. To avoid becoming another statistic, implement the most effective tips to defend against ransomware that can be read in the article.

Read the full article here: 5 Critical Security Tips For the Healthcare C-Suite

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