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Twelve Reasons to use Power Apps Common Data Service Instead of a Database

February 21, 2020 By Paul Swider

When to use stand-alone Power Apps with CDS over SharePoint or a database is a common source of confusion for new Power Apps professional and citizen developers. Here are twelve great reasons to use CDS over a traditional database or SharePoint lists. Short and sweet with many links.

  1. Solutions framework (DevOps)
  2. Model-driven design and metadata-driven architecture
  3. Portals!
  4. Security roles
  5. Record ownership
  6. Secure field profiles and DLP
  7. Business process flows
  8. Server side code
  9. Web API/Web Resources
  10. Industry accelerators ie: healthcare entities in healthcare accelerator
  11. Segmented CDS environments
  12. Share with Office 365 Groups.

What is the difference between CDS entities and SharePoint lists? Watch this 3 minute explanation.

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